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It’s All About The Context

We are fully embracing the mid 20th century furniture revival at Arse Antiques. We love Ercol furniture, Formica tops and frilly lampshades. Staged in the pages of Livingetc and Elle Decoration, these vintage pieces look amazing – one offs that the clever treasure hunters have found that give a room truly unique style.

But, and this is a big but (no pun intended), it’s all about the context. The frilly lampshades only look so chic because they’re hanging over a minimalist modern table; and the Ercol coffee table has been cleverly positioned on a contemporary rug. If you put either of these vintage items in some dodgy bedsit, both would look…well, quite frankly, like old tat.

We work hard at Arse Antiques to create the context to show vintage and antique items at their best. It’s a popular look blending old and new, and has become a firm favourite with interior designers across the globe. Upscaled shabby chic has been replaced with the real thing. Even darker woods are coming back , albeit slowly, and are being allowed to breathe in a room rather than being stifled by that grey/white/gold paint that dominated interior looks throughout the early part of this millennium.

A mahogany Georgian tall boy is now accepted chic, just so long as its flanking a fuchsia pink sofa, or set against a modern wallpaper. Think Matthew Williamson, or American duo Sixx Design who combine old and new effortlessly. Their style is fabulously eclectic and truly individual. There’s depth to their look and long lasting interest.

Eclectic isn’t an easy style to master. Too much ‘old stuff’ and you start to look like a bric’n’brac shop. Advice for newbies to the look is start small – invest in some antique vases or a vintage rug (the more well worn, the better). Keep the mantelpiece streamlined with small additions to start with and see where your vintage path then takes you. A modern print in a Victorian gilt frame is an easy next step.

Let Arse Antiques help you in your journey into the past. We have carefully curated vintage and antique pieces from many different eras. Let us tempt you to mix and match and enjoy the pleasure of old meets new. Check out our Instagram feed for our latest offers, and be sure get your arses down to our next pop ups where we’ll be thrilled to help you.

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Modern art in 19th century gold frame from Arse Antiques
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