Scent of Arse

“Big thick bottoms emanating the sweet scent of ARSE”… now that’s not a marketing line you see everyday! But that’s what we’ve got in store for you.

Introducing folks, the ARSE Antiques candle – hot pink/black, slow burning scented soy wax in stylish thick glass bottomed jars. Boxed or unboxed, as you wish.

We’re just a little bit smitten. They smell beautiful – the woody, earthy, smoky smell of ‘pomegranate noir’. And they burn smoothly – no big waves of wax hugging the sides of the jars (how annoying is that!) Soy wax is definitely the substance of choice being environmentally more friendly, as unlike paraffin wax (which so many other candles are made from) soy wax is renewable, biodegradable, clean burning, toxin-free and is even vegetarian and vegan-friendly as it is considered a vegetable wax.

Candles make lovely presents. Everyone loves a candle don’t they? Let’s consider… teachers ✅, dinner party hosts ✅, mums ✅, anyone who needs a pick me up ✅,  you ✅  smelly dads and/or teenagers ✅. Think that just about covers it. Candles are crowd pleasers and we are now in on the action bringing a little joy to nostrils near you.

Move over Jo Malone, and budge up there Neom.  And even you Paltrow with your funny funny candle brand, make a little space won’t you…there’s a new whiff in town, and for £16 only, surely everyone can afford to spoil themselves and add a little ARSE to their lives…

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