Arse Antiques Drink Trolley

It’s Christmas! and Arse Antiques are getting trollied…

Nah, we’re not talking colloquially, we’re talking drinks trolleys which are a current obsession of ours. And it seems, the nation.

High street stores and online shops are full of them. There are ones with wheels and ones with bottle holders. There are ones with glass tops and others with brass or chrome frames. They’re everywhere!

But be warned, dear reader, as everywhere is not always good. Everywhere shouts mass production and lacking originality. Yuck, and yawn.


Here is where Arse Antiques rolls onto the scene (every pun intended). We have traveled far and wide for the ORIGINAL drinks trolley. We’ve bought back Dutch 1950s designs with their oversized back wheels; we’ve sourced delicate French versions from the 1960s with intricate metal detailing, and then we have the 1970s Belgian designs with all that brass and sexy black glass. Our little shop would be full of them if they didn’t sell so quickly.

We’ve been kept on our tippy toes sourcing them for clients. And it has been a pleasure doing so as they really are things of beauty which deserve their celebrated revival. Cunningly they are working their magic for men and women alike, being the must-have in the man cave and the centre piece in the sitting room.

Obvs, we’ve kept a couple back for ourselves. Frustratingly things have been so busy scouring Europe for the real ones, we’ve barely had the time to drink the cocktails from them that they so deserve.
Roll on the holidays, wheel in Christmas, rotate towards rest time…(enough already!) and let us loose on those festive tipples.

Please get in touch if we can help source you something special.

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